Thursday, 5 May 2011

Searching for beauty in Selfridges & The Wallace Collection . . .

Normally, in times of stress, disappointment, trouble or boredom I'll run straight into Selfridges and lose myself for a couple of hours wandering from floor to floor, trying stuff on, rubbing stuff on my face, spraying stuff over myself and then end up in the food hall actually stuffing my face with cake, sushi, pie & anything else I can get my paws on. Today I thought I'd try something different so I trotted straight past Selfridges and into the Wallace collection - if you haven't been then go, especially if you grew up in the early 1980's and had a mother with a penchant for flock wall paper, cherubs & reproduction French furniture. I finally realised what my mum had been modelling our council house on all along and she had actually done a pretty good job. My childhood house would have fitted snugly into just one of the rooms but I did really feel I'd been transported back in time to my mothers living room, it had just been "pimped" a little. Anyway, that's all I can really say about the Wallace collection because after 10 minutes I ran straight back down the baroque staircase, out of the door, down the street and into Selfridges where I spent the next hour trying stuff on, rubbing stuff on my face, spraying stuff over  . . . . . . . . You know how this ends.

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